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Alliance for Positive Nutrition focuses on nutrition for children and adolescents, prenatal and postnatal health, weight management, chronic disease prevention and wellness.

Nutrition Counseling for Children & Adolescents

A Mindful & Intuitive Eating Approach to Creating Healthy Lifelong Habits

Children and adolescents eat for many reasons. They can be influenced by their friends, parents, caregivers, the media and their environment. This can also be a time when food allergies and conditions are diagnosed. I understand how stressful this can be for families. Creating a positive relationship with food during childhood can carryover into adulthood and can lead to lasting health benefits. I am excited to work with you and your child to find an eating approach that works for your family. 

Children Playing
Image by Enrique Guzmán Egas

Prenatal Support

A Mindful & Intuitive Eating Approach to Pregnancy

Eating during pregnancy can be challenging. Many women find that their appetite and preferences change throughout pregnancy. They can also feel overwhelmed with the ever changing world of nutrition. Some women experience nausea, some constipation and some feel immense fatigue. Sometimes nutritional deficiencies present themselves or issues with blood sugar arise. I understand that everyone’s pregnancy experience is unique and believe that there is no one size fits all approach. I will never judge you or what you are going through. I am here to support you throughout your pregnancy and help you find an eating plan that meets your needs.  We are in this together!

Postnatal Support

A Mindful & Intuitive Eating Approach to Postpartum Health & Wellbeing

The postpartum period is a unique time to say the least. It can be emotional and exhausting as well as joyous and full of love. During this time, many moms have questions about eating.

  • What foods should I eat?

  • Am I eating the “right” foods and amounts?

  • Can I use food to promote breastfeeding?

  • If I am not breastfeeding what should I eat?

  • I look to food for comfort during this stressful time, what should I do?

  • I have no energy; can certain foods help me?

  • I want to lose weight? Is it okay to “diet” right now?

I am here to support you through this process! My nutrition counseling approach combines mindfulness and intuitive eating to help moms while they recover. If you are breastfeeding, I am here to help. If you are not breastfeeding, I am here to help. I will never judge your postpartum experience and want to help you feel good about yourself. As a mom of two, I can relate and truly understand that every postpartum experience is unique.

Newborn Baby
Image by Chris Montgomery

Prenatal & Postpartum Group Support

Talking with other moms in a non-judgmental space can be so powerful. Such support can promote good mental wellbeing. My support groups are unique in that they provide social support in combination with nutrition education along with fun food themes and activities.


There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss. What works for your friend or partner may not work for you and that’s okay. I will provide an individualized approach that takes into account your preferences and lifestyle. We will work together to create appropriate and measurable goals and identify any potential barriers and obstacles to weight loss. We can use a combination of counseling and behavioral strategies such as motivational interviewing, mindfulness, intuitive eating, guided imagery, self-monitoring, and stimulus control techniques to help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

It is a method of communication that empowers people to change a behavior. An important characteristic of motivational interviewing is that we (the client and the dietitian) are partners. We will collaborate during the counseling process.   

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